Solestar Kontrol

Solestar Kontrol


The stabilisation delta of the insoles ensures that the foot is put into the best position for cycling. And that it stays there!

The Kontrol insoles are a cost effective solution for those who want the benefits of the patented stabilization delta without the customization of the custom insoles. The Kontrol insoles have the same shape as the custom insoles, with two differences:

  1. The material is different. These insoles are made out of a 'black fibre' material, vs carbon fibre. They are not as stiff as the carbon insoles, but are significantly stiffer than any other 'off the shelf' insole currently on the market
  2. There are no further customization/adjustments done to the insole

The Kontol insoles have the shelf life of several years, depending on riding volume

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