Frequently asked questions


+ What should I bring to my bike fit?

  • Bike
  • Cycling shoes (please make sure the cleat bolts are clean and not stripped)
  • Cycling shorts - Bib shorts are prefered, if possible. Please avoid full length or 3/4 tights
  • Tight cycling jersey or tank top
  • Helmet - If you are experiencing neck discomfort and/or you are using an aero helmet for TT/Triathlon fits
  • Bike specific small parts that may have come with your bike (risers, bolt kit, etc)
  • Orthotics / other insoles if using those

Things to avoid before your fitting:

  • Avoid using body lotion and/or sunscreen, as well as heavy sweating before your fitting - The markers used for anatomical landmarks will not stick properly during the fit otherwise, reducing accuracy or our ability to gather dynamic data properly
  • If you ride in the rain to your fitting, please bring an extra (dry) cycling kit and an old towel/rug to wipe down your bike

+ What can I expect during the bike fit?

The first ~45 minutes are dedicated to an off the bike assessment, with all the information recorded for future reference:

  • A chat to understand your background, strengths/weaknesses, injury history, current cycling concerns and goals - present and future, etc. The more info gathered, the better to best understand your needs
  • Recording current cleat position
  • A structural and postural assessment, from head to toe, to detect and record imbalances

Once the off the bike assessment is complete, we will get you on the bike:

  • Assess your posture, left and right balance looking at you from both side and from behind.
  • Measure both left and right sides using Retul (3D motion capture) to have a clear baseline to start with
  • Start making changes to the bike, continuesly measuring to get instant feedback on the changes and their effectiveness

Changes are made to everything that needs to be adjusted to get you in a position that works best for your needs. This includes:

  • Cleats/pedal interface
  • Saddle height and fore-aft position, including saddle selection
  • Bar/shifter position, stem length/angle
  • Cranks (if needed)
  • We will discuss frame geometry and equipment selection (shoes, saddles, wheels, aerobars, bars etc) as needed during the bike fit

Technique and posture corrections and coaching are an integral part of the bike fitting process, as they do have an effect on your bike fit and overall riding experience. Video is used on an as needed basis for visual feddback.

The goal is to have an education component to the bike fitting process, so Noa will explain everything as the fitting progresses. The more questions you ask, the better!

Once the fitting is done, the bike is measurement digitally (Retul ZIN) and a summary of the session is written, including technique/riding cues, changes made to the position and future considerations.

+ Will the fitting process really take 2-2.5 hours?

Yes, the initial bike fit will always take 2+ hours. The initial information gathering process takes ~45 minutes and the remainder of the time is spent making changes to the bike, re-measring, etc.

Triathlon bikes tend to take more time compared with road/cross/other bikes because of all the small parts and integration that are typically a part of the aerobar set up.

All files and information is saved for future reference. Once you have been fitted by Noa once (or more), the initial assessment does not need to be repeated (unless there are significant changes to the body that occured between bike fits), which is why future bike fits take significantly less time compared with the initial fitting.

+ What are my payment options?

We take credit, debit or cash at both locations.

At Fortius, the full fee is payable to Fortius directly. At Bicicletta, a portion of the bike fit is payable to Bicicletta and the remainder is payable to Noa directly.

+ Will I get the data from the bike fit?

You will not get a prinout of the data. Instead, we will email it to you. In addition, our booking system has an 'athlete area' for your convinience. The data from the bike fitting is uploaded into your online chart and made visible to you.

Go to and log in with the username and password you created for yourself when you booked your bike fit. The data will be available under the 'documents' tab and you can either view it online or download as a pdf and save on your computer.

+ What kind of follow up can I expect?

We will follow up with an email with the data (including the recommendations) and if you have any questions, concerns, etc about your new fit, please let us know via email.

While in many cases the fit feels good right away, in other cases it can take several weeks to get used to a new position. If you let us know how you are feeling, We will be able to guide you during that 2-3 week adjustment period.

+ Is there an adaptation process after a bike fit?