Bike fit education

Given some of the feedback from last year's bike fitting seminar and additional requests throughout the year, we will be holding the seminar again at the beginning of January, 2017. Location will be Fortius and actual date is TBA based on facility availability.

Who is the seminar for? Coaches, athletes, bike mechanics, bike shop employees/owners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, RMT's and other health care professionals who want to develop an understanding of the bike fitting process, why certain things are done, etc.

What will be covered? Basic cycling biomechanics, tools of the trade, cycling range of motion and positioning on the bike, assessment process, aerodynamics, differences between different cycling disciplines (long course vs draft legal triathlon, track, cyclocross, TT, road, etc). 'troubleshooting' various bike fit issues and more!

More information will be posted at the end of November. In the mean time, please get in touch with registration inquiries.